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We are passionate about delivering efficient, innovative, world-class software solutions:

UX Design

Our designers create elegant, innovative and user-friendly interfaces which ensure your applications are highly functional, yet visually appealing.

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BI & Analytics

SoftServe’s Big Analytics capabilities unite Big Analytics, Big Data and the science of Integrated Analytics to solve real-world business problems.

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We provide a comprehensive set of security implementation and consulting services to help prevent and manage cyber-attacks from a variety of sources.

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  • Andrii Glushko
    Highly qualified UX design expert and practitioner with numerous industry publications
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  • Volodymyr Semenyshyn
    Experienced expert in Automotive, Education, Media, HR & Professional Services and a seasoned Business Trainer
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  • Serhiy (Serge) Haziyev
    Software Architecture
    Established software architecture professional with dozens of years of experience and numerous industry accreditations
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  • Khrystyna Kosyk
    Internationally acknowledged Quality Assurance expert, frequent speaker at industry events
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  • Halyna Semenova
    IT outsourcing expert with more than 10 years of experience in IT, specializing in ensuring smooth start for software development projects
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