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Customer Experience: Enterprise Technology at its Best

Thanks to the commercial success of smart devices, mobile computing, cloud computing and SaaS applications, users are maturing expectations of enterprise applications. Users expect more in terms of user-friendliness, security and ubiquitous support in all computing environments, including fixed, mobile and all varieties of smart devices.

Just as customer expectations are shifting, today’s enterprise software developers need to shift their focus to improving the customer experience.

Today’s developer needs expertise in analytics, security, mobility, cloud computing, social integration and support for a variety of smart devices and computing environments. This expertise isn`t just required on the technical aspects of a solution – expertise in a variety of user environments and business-use of applications is equally important.

SoftServe’s Enterprise Technology Solutions

Working with ISVs and enterprises alike, we provide services and comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of the modern enterprise. We offer tailored services and solutions including IT Operational Efficiency, Advanced Analytics, Customer Experience, and Network Connectors, tailoring customer experiences to meet the unique needs of leading companies in a variety of enterprise markets.

IT Operations Efficiency
IT Operations Efficiency

We offer a comprehensive IT Operations Efficiency improvement solution to resolve these challenges, affording ISVs and enterprises the opportunity to move faster within their market, better serving end-users and increasing profitability.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics
Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Leveraging our proven Abiliton Agile framework for project management, we offer a comprehensive Big Data and advanced analytics solution including consultation, design, prototyping and implementation.

Customer Experience
Customer Experience

Modern enterprise applications are increasingly compared to commercial apps in terms of ease of use, privacy, security, elegance and ubiquitous support. Customer experience is more important than ever.


Our Clients

Many of the world’s largest global operators of online marketplaces trust SoftServe to design, develop, maintain and test the core technology running their retail business. We’re proud to be part of many retailing successes and serve the following companies:

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Ready to build your Enterprise Solution with us?

SoftServe understands the complex issues facing modern enterprises and is your ideal IT partner. We understand evolving consumer behaviors and the types of services and solutions ISVs and enterprise technology organizations must deliver to compete in competitive markets. Please contact us today to explore how we can help you and your unique needs.

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Case Study Lviv, Ukraine City Council Automated Payments Center

Lviv, Ukraine City Council Automated Payments Center

When Lviv City Council, Ukraine, faced the problem of insufficient payment for utility services from the city residents due to the small number of payment outlets and long queues, they partnered with SoftServe to develop and implement an innovative WEB-oriented application for calculation, tracking, and on-line payment for utility services.

Case Study Manual Penetration Testing for ContractPal

Manual Penetration Testing for ContractPal

ContractPal, Inc. provides solutions that process documents with sensitive data and thus needed a reliable 3rd party security assessment. SoftServe`s successful project delivery helped ContractPal identify attack vectors as well as obtain patterns that can be analyzed to prevent future exploits.

Case Study Smart Cloud Climate Control for Heating and Cooling Systems for Panasonic Appliance Air-Conditioning Europe

Smart Cloud Climate Control for Heating and Cooling Systems for Panasonic Appliance Air-Conditioning Europe

As an innovative Heating and Cooling solution provider, Panasonic Appliance Air-conditioning Europe decided to partner with SoftServe UGE to develop a Smart Cloud system enabling simultaneous 24/7 control of the climate and related energy consumption in numerous locations from a single device.