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eSecurity Planet

Today's Top 5 Malware Threats

eSecurity Planet - November 19, 2014


Will Wearables Change UI as We Know It?

Andrii Glushko, UX Consultant, SoftServe, provides his insights into how wearable devices will be applied in the future, as well as discusses possible user interface improvements.

usabilla - November 13, 2014


Beating Back Cyber Attacks with Big Data + Analytics

Nazar Tymoshyk, Security Consultant at SoftServe, discusses the main challenges of Big Data storage, including security breaches, as well as provides tips on how to leverage analytics to overcome them.

MAPR Blog - October 28, 2014

Business Standard Logo

Vice-President of User Experience?

Andrii Glushko, UX Consultant, SoftServe, discusses the necessity of efficient dialogue between UX designers and business executives to fulfill business needs, increase company’s profitability and keep the costs down.

Business Standard - October 20, 2014

Apple HealthKit

Apple HealthKit Has Good Prognosis

Eugene Borukhovich, SoftServe’s VP of Healthcare, European Markets, provides an extensive overview of Apple's HealthKit, as well and explains how Apple's platform addresses the key challenges of the mobile health ecosystem.

EETimes - October 09, 2014

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