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TechNet UK Blog

Wearables’ Role in Modern Healthcare Industry

TechNet UK Blog - January 19, 2015

TechNet UK Blog

Wrap up of the Last 12 Months in Software Development

Halyna Semenova, SoftServe’s Engagement Director, provides her insights into the key priorities in the hottest software development fields of 2014 and how they are going to influence the future trends.

TechNet UK Blog - January 12, 2015

eSecurity Planet

Intrusion Detection Systems: a Primer

Nazar Tymoshyk, Security Consultant at SoftServe, provides a comprehensive overview of Intrusion Detection Systems for protection of private and business data.

eSecurity Planet - January 05, 2015


Software Industry Seeks More Innovation, Analytics

Read the key takeaways from SoftServe’s 2014-2015 Software Development Trends report to keep your finger on the pulse of today’s state of a broad range of highly industry-relevant topics.

[ci]channelinsider - December 12, 2014


Keeping One Step Ahead of Cloud Hackers

Nazar Tymoshyk, Security Consultant at SoftServe, discusses three major cloud vulnerabilities, as well as provides useful recommendations on how to stay ahead of hackers.

TechWell - December 09, 2014

UX matters

Task-Driven User Interfaces

Oleksandr Sukholeyster, SoftServe’s Principal Technologist, provides his insights into how to increase enterprise’s productivity and efficiency by employment of properly designed task-driven user interfaces.

UX matters - December 08, 2014

TechNet UK Blog

Five Ways Cloud Could Benefit Your Business

Vadym Fedorov, Solutions Architect at SoftServe, discusses five key immediate benefits cloud computing brings to businesses, including cost optimization, business agility, risks mitigation, etc.

TechNet UK Blog - November 27, 2014

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