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Cloud Security – What you Need to Know

Cloud Security – What you Need to Know

SoftServe’s Nazar Tymoshyk, Security Consultant, provides key tips to keep your Cloud secure and well-protected from undesirable consequences.

TechNet UK Blog - April 28, 2015


4 Challenges Lying in the Wait of SDN

Andriy Shapochka, SoftServe’s Principal Architect, discusses four common challenges in SDN created by the paradigm shift from traditional hardware-based networking to software-defined services.

nojitter - April 15, 2015

How determining the risk

Stay Ahead of Hackers with Smart Cloud Implementation

Pavlo Prystupa, SoftServe’s Senior Solutions Architect, discusses how determining the risk parameters of the assets, as well as mapping the flow of data and security controls can help you mitigate all security risks when moving to the cloud.

Techwell - April 10, 2015

Big Data, Digital Economies, and the Rise of the CTO

Big Data, Digital Economies, and the Rise of the CTO

In his interview for The New Economy, Neil Fox, SoftServe’s Executive Vice President and CTO, discusses software development trends, Big Data advantages, and today’s challenges for technology companies.

The New Economy - April 02, 2015


Evaluating Your Risks Before Moving Data to Cloud Storage

Pavlo Prystupa, Senior Solutions Architect at SoftServe, discusses major security concerns appearing when companies move their services to the cloud, and provides recommendations for effective security risks assessment.

Techwell - March 31, 2015

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