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The Rise of the UX Design Team

nojitter - February 12, 2015

dbta - logo

How Near Real-Time Data Processing is Changing Business

Vadym Fedorov, Solutions Architect at SoftServe, discusses how real-time data processing is revolutionizing the world of technology to provide numerous benefits to businesses. Database – March 26, 2015

dbta - March 30, 2015


Software Development Life Cycle Optimisation

In his exclusive article for Computerworld UK Alex Chubay, SoftServe’s VP of Consulting, discusses how the growing trend of shortening product life cycles and increasing time-to-market influences businesses and enterprises.

Computerworld UK - March 25, 2015

Pivotal Year

Why 2015 is the Pivotal Year

Eugene Borukhovich, SoftServe’s VP of Healthcare, European Markets, provides his insights into the global transformation of healthcare and its key aspect – penetration of digital health into our everyday lives.

NUVIUN - March 05, 2015

Web Application Firewalls

Web Application Firewalls: Next Big Thing in Security

SoftServe’s Nazar Tymoshyk, Security Consultant, and Stanislav Breslavskyi, Security Engineer, discuss the benefits of the highly promising technology in IT security - Web application firewalls.

eSecurity Planet - March 04, 2015

An In-depth Look at the IoT Cloud Infrastructure

An In-depth Look at the IoT Cloud Infrastructure

Vadym Fedorov, a Solutions Architect at SoftServe, represents a reference solution architecture for the Internet of Things to accept, store, process, and visualize the valuable stream of data from sensors.

TechNet UK Blog - February 17, 2015

TechNet UK Blog

Using DevOps Tools in Reality

Roman Pavlyuk, Solution Service Product Manager, Enterprise Technology, at SoftServe, provides an overview of the proven DevOps tools and techniques for better Operational Efficiency.

TechNet UK Blog - February 11, 2015

eSecurity Planet

Enterprise Wearables: Mitigate Security Risks

SoftServe’s Nazar Tymoshyk, Security Consultant, and Stanislav Breslavskyi, Security Engineer, provide proven best practices to protect corporate data on wearable devices.

eSecurity Planet - February 04, 2015


Cloud HR Projects: Key IT Services for Channel Partners

Among other leading experts, Neil Fox, Executive Vice President and CTO at SoftServe, discusses the main advantages of implementing HR-in-the-cloud services, including cost-effectiveness, consumer-like UX, and rapid deployment.

TechTarget - January 28, 2015

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