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Sand Hill

Leave the Mobile Back End to MBaaS

Sand Hill - July 21, 2014

SmartData Collective Logo

How Predictive Modeling is Changing the Way We Work and Live

Sergii Shelpuk, SoftServe’s Data Science Group Director, provides his insights into how Big Data and predictive modeling are changing the way we work, live, receive healthcare treatment and entertain ourselves.

SmartData Collective - July 10, 2014


Deciphering the Mobile and Social Pharmacy

Eugene Borukhovich, SoftServe’s VP of Healthcare, European Markets, discusses how cloud, mobile and social can enhance consumers’ engagement in pharmacy industry, and enable patients to manage their prescriptions and drug-to-drug interaction.

MEDCITY News - June 30, 2014

Austin American-Statesman

Offshore Tech Company Moves Headquarters from Florida to Austin

Austin American-Statesman, the source for news and community coverage on Austin and Central Texas, discusses the growing tech presence is Austin, and shares the story of SoftServe, a leading global product and application development and consulting company, which changed its US Headquarters from Fort-Myers to Austin to be closer to its numerous Austin customers.

Austin American-Statesman - June 26, 2014

How Predictive Modeling Affects the World Around Us

How Predictive Modeling Affects the World Around Us

Sergii Shelpuk, SoftServe’s Director of Data Science, discusses how predictive modeling influences major industries including healthcare, retail, agriculture, etc., and helps them improve customer relationships, predict future outcomes, as well as enhance market competitiveness.

Analyticbridge - June 18, 2014

Austin Business Journal

Florida Tech Company is Making Moves in Austin

Juan Turruellas, SoftServe’s Executive Vice President World Wide Sales and Marketing, comments on establishment of SoftServe`s UI/UX (user interface and user experience) center of excellence at One Congress Plaza in Austin and the opportunities it opens for the company and its customers in the area.

Austin Business Journal - June 12, 2014

The Healthcare Insider

Eugene Borukhovich: Healthcare as a Technology Business

Eugene Borukhovich, SoftServe’s VP of Healthcare, European Markets, provides his perspective on how security, Big Data, wearables, mobile solutions and interoperability will change the IT healthcare market and make the difference in the future technology world.

The Healthcare Insider - June 09, 2014


6 ways to benefit from the ICD-10 delay

William McElmurry, SoftServe’s Senior VP and Vertical Practice Leader, discusses how the ICD-10 delay helps re-assess organizations` implementation progress, and lists six crucial tasks that should be in the ICD-10 punch list.

MedicalPracticeInsider - June 06, 2014

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