Wechseln sie die bildschirmausrichtung ihres geräts ins hochformat.

by Lee Sexton Sep 20, 2019

DevOps & Cloud Financial Services

Kubernetes verwandelt Banken

Die Migration in die Cloud wird einfacher.

by Oleksii Bilogurov Jul 18, 2019

DevOps & Cloud Security

Overcoming Firebase SSO Challenges

Learn more about our SSO solution that delivers all cloud benefits and maximum control without third party products.

by Ruslan Kusov Jun 03, 2019

DevOps & Cloud Software Development

Anthos Succeeds Where Others Fell Short

Comparing Google’s newest release, Anthos, to previously available hybrid and multi-cloud platforms.

by Oleksii Lopasov Apr 30, 2019

DevOps & Cloud

Why PKS Is the VIP of K8s

With PKS, companies can host clusters on-premises using internal servers or move them to virtual machines (VMs) with one of the primary cloud providers.

by Oleksandr Mykhalchuk Mrz 27, 2019

DevOps & Cloud Software Development

Assess DevOps Structure through CALMS

Learn more about the CALMS model for DevOps success.

by Igor Beliaiev Jul 27, 2017

DevOps & Cloud

Containers vs. Virtual Machines

As a leading digital services and software development company, SoftServe delivers proven high quality software development solutions to ISVs and enterprises.

by Michael Verlanov Nov 01, 2016

DevOps & Cloud R&D

Perks of ChatOps: VoiceMyBot!

VoiceMyBot is an innovative chatbot with a voice interface enabling access to all Atlassian HipChat Marketplace listings from a single place without actual code integrations.

by Volodymyr Shram Jun 13, 2016

DevOps & Cloud

3 Best Practices for Dev/Test in the Cloud with Azure

Here are the top three Dev/Test practices to derive the maximum benefits from Microsoft Azure cloud service.

by Sergii Porokh Mai 23, 2016

DevOps & Cloud

StackStorm: DevOps to ChatOps

StackStorm: why is ChatOps becoming so popular nowadays?

by SoftServe Team Mrz 30, 2016

DevOps & Cloud

Unlocking AWS Potential: Case Study

How migrating to the AWS Cloud might help your application achieve its business and technical goals.