Wechseln sie die bildschirmausrichtung ihres geräts ins hochformat.

by Lee Sexton Sep 20, 2019

DevOps & Cloud Financial Services

Kubernetes verwandelt Banken

Die Migration in die Cloud wird einfacher.

by Antonina Skrypnyk Aug 29, 2019

Financial Services

Hackathons befeuern Bankinnovationen

Smartere Ideengenerierung im Banking.

by Anton Vaisburd Jul 23, 2019

Financial Services

KI-Kapitalisierung für sichereres Banking

So erkennen Banken klüger Betrug.

by Matt McBride, Guillaume Kendall Mai 24, 2019

Experience Design Financial Services

Guidelines for Experience Design Success in Financial Services

Moving from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach allows financial services companies to create compelling customer experiences, services and products.

by Rich Herrington Apr 18, 2019

Financial Services IoT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML

A Personalized Approach to Medicine? Yes, Please.

The healthcare revolution to medicate by individual genetics has begun.

by Charlie Waple Apr 17, 2019

Financial Services

Using IoT Data To Drive Personalized Financial Services

Collect data using IoT to drive data-driven insights in financial services.

by Guillaume Kendall Mrz 11, 2019

Financial Services

Collaboration Redefines Customer-Centricity in Banking

Strategic alliances between banks and FinTechs bring innovation.

by Guillaume Kendall Feb 05, 2019

Financial Services

2019 Trends: Financial Services Firms Shift Focus to Collaboration

Customer experience, big data, blockchain, and collaboration for FinTech success.

by Pavlo Mikhaelian Sep 13, 2018

Financial Services Security

Financial Services Security: Technology vs. Behavior

Financial services is catching up to customer expectations, but speed can disregard important aspects of security

by Oleh Mizov Sep 12, 2018

Financial Services

Blockchain in Finance: How Far We’ve Come

Take an in-depth look at how blockchain is transforming financial services

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