Wechseln sie die bildschirmausrichtung ihres geräts ins hochformat.

by Andriy Bench Sep 28, 2018

IoT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML R&D

Will Machines See with Movidius?

Does Movidius Neural Compute Stick have what it takes to truly bring the power of visual machine learning to any device?

by Iurii Milovanov Mai 15, 2018

Experience Design R&D

Reality Check: Augmented, Virtual, Or Both?

Augmented reality, virtual reality, or both: which technology is right for you?

by Serge Haziyev Apr 11, 2018

R&D Software Development

AI: Today and Tomorrow

Cutting-edge applications for AI both today and in the near future.

by R&D Team Dez 01, 2016

Healthcare R&D

Meet BioLock: Smart Biometrics for Tomorrow

ECG-based smart system for continuous authentication and monitoring of human well-being.

by Michael Verlanov Nov 01, 2016

DevOps & Cloud R&D

Perks of ChatOps: VoiceMyBot!

VoiceMyBot is an innovative chatbot with a voice interface enabling access to all Atlassian HipChat Marketplace listings from a single place without actual code integrations.

by R&D Team Apr 25, 2016

IoT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML R&D

What's Behind a Smart Coffee Machine?

Make your coffee with a smart coffee machine, Apple Watch and your heart rate.

by Andriy Bench Nov 10, 2015


Easy Ride: Prototyping Biosensors with Arduino

Learn how to build a chip solution and make a feasible biosensor prototype with the Arduino open source platform.

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