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Search for your documents: faster, smoother, across all Office365, right in Teams

We employed the best machine learning (ML) algorithms to bring you contextual search using interactive reinforcement-based approaches to identify keywords in search. Now you can effortlessly start searching for items and keywords that mean a lot to your related work. You may search for papers on artificial intelligence (AI) or ML case studies in retail industry.

Search becomes smarter

ML algorithms enable both full text and contextual search modes, giving you an opportunity to source word-by-word matches as well as search for documents closely related to your request.

The keywords you have entered in the search engine don’t deliver the expected results? You can receive useful hints for your inquiry and contextually check the search results, which are listed underneath the search bar.

Unique use-cases:

Search two ways

Do you need to source for proposals in Agriculture domain to check common structure and follow the best practices from your colleagues? Easy-peasy. Just type general keywords and surf for the most relevant documents.

Did you forget the name of the document and need to find it using a few words? Just type them and use “Full-text match” sorting.

We will cover both cases for you.

Customize your results

Sort and filter results the way you like it, by type of documents, storage, or by date modified or created.

Enjoy search predictiveness  Upcoming feature

Receive useful documents for your upcoming events in calendar

Employ a bot for your search!

Search right in the bot conversation and get top results in the chat

Upcoming feature - files recommendations

Ask our chatbot to provide you with files for upcoming meetings, with the help of an action bar in the message area.

And voilà - you are prepared for the calls you’re having ahead!

Now you can easily search across Office365 with Microsoft Teams!

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