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Demo Okt 18, 2019

Touch My Heart—Immersive Medical Experience

The SoftServe R&D team, in cooperation with Ultraleap, created a touchable hologram for use in various healthcare applications, such as medical training or telemedicine.

Demo Okt 08, 2019

ECG-verified Payments

ECG verification proves to overcome the most common authentication issues, making the technology a very reliable and secure way to do banking

Demo Aug 23, 2019

LTV | Customer Lifetime Value System Optimization

Predict your retail business profit and plan your future with our LTV solution.

Demo Jul 05, 2019

Smart Workwear⁠—Accident Prevention Clothing

Embedded technologies integrated into workwear to prevent accidents and send risk notifications for construction site safety.

Demo Jun 10, 2019

XR Molecular⁠—Extended Reality Molecular Explorer

Combination of Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality that provides an easier and quicker way to create, visualize, and explore the nuances of molecular structure in one solution by SoftServe R&D.

Demo Apr 19, 2019

Smart Suit Solution—Virtual Workout Assistant

Experience smart(er) exercise for a healthier lifestyle.

Demo Apr 01, 2019

OCEAN5: Personalized Advertising Tool

Find out more about your buyer personalities, create personalized offers and increase your sales.

Demo Mrz 20, 2019

Demand Prediction—Inventory and Marketing Optimization System

Meet the challenges of 2019 and become an omni-channel retailer.

Demo Nov 05, 2018

Meet Booter The Robot

Booter is our very own mobile catering robot who usually helps us out at major events around the world. Find out more about him!

Demo Nov 02, 2018

Augmented Reality 'Talking Money'

Making banknotes come to life through an augmented reality (AR) app.

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