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Case Study Jan 24, 2020

SoftServe Implements a Long-term Azure Disaster Recovery Plan for Datacenters

Our client develops modern technology solutions in the post-acute care industry.

Whitepaper Dez 10, 2019

Phygital Experience Strategy

Phygital is depictive of how physical and online retail channels are merging, blurring, and influencing each other in innovative ways.

Case Study Nov 25, 2019

AI-Enabled Mapping Leveraging Natural Language Processing Decreases Onboarding Time of New Customers for SkillDirector

SoftServe developed an AI-enabled solution for automatic mapping of top learning activities per each task.

Infographics Nov 13, 2019

Big Data. Big Deal.

The need for big data warehousing, management, and monetization is only getting bigger.

Case Study Okt 29, 2019

AWS Supported Automated Deployment Process Brings Cost Savings and Decreased Time to Market for goTransverse

The specific project goal was scalability. Production environments required automation of management procedures and consistency.

Case Study

Maarten Metz, Director of Quality Assurance at goTransverse

We are going after a lot of different verticals and in a lot of instances SoftServe already has experience in those verticals so that will benefit us from a business perspective.

Infographics Okt 22, 2019

Three Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Software Development

Improve software with AI.

Infographics Okt 08, 2019

AI Enhancing Software Development

Leverage AI to create scalable coding.

Case Study Okt 03, 2019

AWS Serverless Application Model Improves Cost Efficiency for Precision Exam’s Infrastructure

The client requested SoftServe to provide a prototype of a system, built on top of AWS Cloud, using the best-practices approach in architecture and managed AWS Services.

Infographics Sep 17, 2019

DXPs Grow SaaS Brands

Digital experience platforms (DXPs) are essential to software companies for improved personalization and customer experience (CX), at scale.

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