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5 Ways Technology Can Power the Future of Australia and New Zealand’s Energy Industry

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The growing urgency to protect our planet means the time to embrace sustainable and renewable resources — is now. Global business communities need to change rapidly to meet the challenge, and Australia and New Zealand’s energy industry is no exception.

To fully embrace the need and start to really change the world, it’s important to understand the contributions technology can make.

There are powerful approaches and tools already available to help make a difference and shape a sustainable and efficient future.

Here are just five ways your organization can introduce a technology-led step change in your approach to renewable resources:

1. Maximize your renewable energy transition with artificial intelligence

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Australia and New Zealand are committed to reducing their carbon footprint by transitioning to renewable energy sources. This means maximizing energy efficiency, minimizing waste, and planning a greener future.

The predictive abilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will assist with forecasting demand for energy. Advanced data analytics will help to identify the best ways to upgrade grid infrastructure and monitor general energy availability.

2. Harness the power of big data to help you make bolder decisions

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In the energy sector, data is an extremely valuable asset. Using data to drive decision-making in organizations helps you to make smarter decisions about energy resourcing and management.

By collecting, analyzing, and interpreting huge amounts of data, you gain valuable insight into operational performance, asset management, predictive maintenance, and energy consumption patterns.

3. Advance your digital transformation to streamline processes

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“Digital transformation” is an almost overused phrase in the technology industry, but by more widely integrating technological processes into the way your organization works, you will find yourself streamlining processes, improving safety, and opening yourself up to new ways to innovate.

In an energy context, this can mean anything from using digital twin technology to create “virtual” versions of real-world processes and machinery, to employing intelligent automation to free up your employees for more strategic work.

Digital transformation will help you to optimize operations, reduce costs, and adapt to a more sustainable industry.

4. Ensure your technology-led changes stay secure

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As you introduce more technological change in your quest for sustainability, it’s important that you stay resilient to attacks on this infrastructure.

To protect your organization from cyber threats, approaches such as advanced threat detection, risk mitigation, and secure infrastructure solutions guard your critical assets from harm, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

5. Empower a customer-centric approach

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As customers come to expect sustainable and renewable resources, they also expect personalized experiences to further humanize their interaction with commercial organizations.

It’s important to engage with customers directly and effectively, helping them to witness your sustainability and energy management initiatives first-hand.

Customer analytics and demand response platforms are just some of the ways technology can help you to build strong relationships with customers, both driving and highlighting your energy conservation efforts in the process.

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