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by Roman Krayovskyy Jan 12, 2018

Quality Management Software Development

Test Automation: Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Make the most out of your agile SDLC with test automation.

by Pavlo Vedilin Jul 14, 2016

Quality Management

Skype Automation: Bulk Renaming of Contacts with PowerShell

Automation hocus-pocus: forget about manual Skype contacts renaming with PowerShell & a small additional library.

by Ostap Elyashevskyy Aug 19, 2015

Quality Management Software Development

Automated Performance Testing of Desktop Applications

Here’s a detailed guideline to testing the performance of Windows desktop applications.

by Ostap Elyashevskyy Apr 07, 2015

Quality Management

Cloud Based Automation Testing with Selenium WebDriver: How Not to Get Lost

How not to get lost looking for cloud solutions for automation testing with Selenium WebDriver.

by Kris Kosyk Jan 15, 2015

Quality Management

Quality Assurance and Control 2015: What's in Trend?

With quality assurance and control being a mounting concern, testers need to start taking more ownership and leadership in business.