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by Dana Khomyak Jul 26, 2019


A Better Business Incubator

How SoftServe created an advanced incubator with R&D and mentorship.

by Vladyslav Tsybul’nyk, PhD Jul 02, 2019

IoT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML R&D

Unlock Your Face

How biometric identification can help to prevent fraud.

by Dmytro Makara May 27, 2019


Testing Indoor Light as a Power Source

Can light from inside be a power source for the devices people use in their everyday routine?

by Zoriana Doshna, Pavlo Marechko Apr 23, 2019

Healthcare IoT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML R&D

Precision Medicine: Speeding The Go-To-Market Strategy

As healthcare becomes ever more personal to the patient, future precision treatments will pave the landscape for advancements in care.

by Olha Terendii Apr 10, 2019


Catching Wildfire

Using cutting-edge technology to predict and prevent wildfire risk.

by R&D Team Mar 22, 2019


Mindfulness Meditation Stimulated by Mid-Air Haptic Feedback

SoftServe investigates the possible applications of mid-air haptics innovation for the art of meditation.

by Taras Kurnytskyi Jan 29, 2019

IoT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML R&D

FPGA Development (Using OpenCL)

Take a closer look at why FPGA is so popular, how to improve the development process using OpenCL, and how SoftServe benchmarked using Cyclone V.

by R&D Team Nov 23, 2018

IoT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML R&D

Passthrough AR Headset Comparison

For this review, we’ve taken into consideration two leading devices as of winter-spring 2018: ZED Mini and Vive Pro.

by Vladyslav Tsybul’nyk, PhD Oct 03, 2018


Is FPGA the “Next Big Thing” in AI Hardware?

How do field programmable graphics arrays (FPGA) fare within bleeding edge technology application such as deep learning?

by Andriy Bench Sep 28, 2018

IoT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML R&D

Will Machines See with Movidius?

Does Movidius Neural Compute Stick have what it takes to truly bring the power of visual machine learning to any device?

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