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by Lyubomyr Humetskyy Sep 07, 2017

Software Development

Development Tools: Talent, Tech Leadership, & Trust

Benefit from these three things in your next software project

by Alex Oblovatnyy Aug 30, 2017

Software Development

SerDe in Python

A comparison of popular serialization formats.

by Dima Ivanov Aug 25, 2017

Software Development

Today’s Importance of Multilevel Talent in Software Development

With software design, development, and deployment, it’s more than just technological experience that makes projects successful

by Andrii Omelianenko, Sergii Zabigailo Aug 03, 2017

Software Development

Kubernetes + Travis-CI

Despite stiff competition in the tech world, the industry is settling on Kubernetes as the default container orchestration engine.

by Oleksandr Berchenko Jan 19, 2017

Data & Analytics Software Development

How to Load Data from a Hadoop Cluster into a MemSQL Database

In this post, system architect Oleksandr Berchenko describes two ways to load data from HDFS to a MemSQL database.

by Nadiya Trub, Volodymyr Dovhanyk, Yuliya Yurchyshyn Dec 15, 2016

Business Analysis Software Development

Scope Creep: When Development Projects Don’t Go as Planned

According to PMI, 44% of projects in 2015 suffered from scope creep. Learn how to avoid it in SoftServe's new blog.

by Oleksandr Berchenko Oct 29, 2016

Data & Analytics Software Development

How to Process Slowly Changing Dimensions in Hive

How to handle Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) in a data warehouse with Hive database.

by Andrii Pastushok Sep 12, 2016

Software Development

Product Development Services 2.0: Startup Success for Venture Capitalists

Why Product Development Services 2.0 may be venture capitalists' panacea ensuring startups' success.

by Oleksandr Berchenko Aug 10, 2016

Data & Analytics Software Development

Cassandra + Spark SQL Performance (including DSE 5.0)

This post focuses on quick and dirty performance comparison of different Cassandra + Spark options.

by Sergii Porokh Aug 02, 2016

Software Development

8 Issues Moving MS SQL Cluster from BareMetal to AWS

Here are the eight most common challenges that can crop up during an MS SQL migration from BareMetal to AWS.

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