SoftServe Awarded “Cybersecurity Team of the Year”

The 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards recognizes SoftServe’s security professionals for IT security expertise.

February 16, 2017

SoftServe’s team of security experts has been named the 2017 “Cybersecurity Team of the Year” for the EMEA region by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. Awarded annually, the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security.

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are produced in partnership with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, tapping into the vast experience of over 350,000+ cybersecurity professionals. According to the award website, winners are selected based on the strength of their nomination in addition to a popular vote by members of the Information Security Community.

Unsurpassed Security Expertise

SoftServe’s security professionals include industry thought leaders, PhDs, and an elite team of Certified Ethical Hackers, and our security services include assessment, remediation, and end-to-end security strategies customized for each client’s industry and needs. SoftServe’s security team partners with leading organizations, including Microsoft, Amazon, IBM to develop best-in-class security solutions. In fact, many of the world’s largest companies rely on SoftServe to secure the core technology that drives their businesses.

SoftServe’s leading security expert, Nazar Tymoshyk, was named a finalist in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in two categories: Cybersecurity Educator of the Year and Cybersecurity Professional of the Year, both in the EMEA region.

SoftServe was also named a finalist in several 2016 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards categories, including Industry Team of the Year and Best Security Company of the Year as well as Cybersecurity Consultant of the Year, Cybersecurity Professional of the Year – EMEA, and Cybersecurity Team of the Year .

Security Solutions for the Digital Era

The digital era and cybersecurity go hand-in-hand; as our reliance on technology grows, so do the number of threats from online criminals. As a result, many enterprises struggle to ensure that their company’s and customers’ data are protected. In a recent study conducted on behalf of SoftServe, more than half of C-level executives said security is the primary concern stopping them from making investments in digital transformation.

At SoftServe, security experts support every software development project.

At SoftServe, security is not an add-on or afterthought. Instead, SoftServe’s security team makes sure vulnerabilities are addressed prior to every new software release or application deployment. The team can also test the strength of an organization’s IT infrastructure to ensure a company is protected before an incident is detected. In 2015, our manual penetration testing project for ContractPal won “Security Solution of the Year” in the European IT & Software Excellence Awards.


In a recent press release, Nazar Tymoshyk, Certified Ethical Hacker and security solutions architect at SoftServe, said:

“With so much data being created, moved, and stored, and with so much reliance being placed on that data, security needs to be baked in at the very outset of any digital transformation initiative.”

Looking for more insight on how organizations can protect their digital investments? Check out our whitepaper, “Why a Hacker Should be Your New Best Friend”, which offers practical advice from SoftServe’s security experts.

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