SoftServe Maintains Standing on IAOP Global Outsourcing 100®

Issued annually, this list recognizes sourcing companies that demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement.

February 27, 2017

For the fourth year running, SoftServe has been named an outsourcing leader on the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100®. Issued annually by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP), this list recognizes organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement of service delivery.

The Global Outsourcing 100® is an annual listing of the world’s top outsourcing service providers. To earn a place on the list, SoftServe was required to follow a rigorous selection process, including an assessment of our ability to meet a set of measurable standards, reflecting those employed by businesses when they consider potential solution providers. This took into consideration SoftServe’s size and growth, client references, awards and certifications, innovation programs, and corporate social responsibility programs. The results were deliberated by a panel of industry-recognized outsourcing leaders led by Michael Corbett, Chairman and Debi Hamill, CEO of IAOP.

Evaluate a Potential Technology Partner

Building a digital enterprise means empowering your organization with the strategy, tools, and expertise necessary to combat and embrace the latest technology trends. Collaborating with the right technology partners allows you to determine what options best fit your unique needs and ensures your organization gets the most out of its digital investment. The four factors below can help you when evaluating a potential technology partner.

1. Technology Expertise

First choose a prospective team that possesses objectivity and expertise to drive a digital evolution in your organization. To cut down unnecessary costs and make sure that your strategy is aligned with your technical implementation, start working directly with technology experts.

A partner with technology expertise can help prevent the gap that often arises between strategy development and technical execution.

2. Industry Familiarity

Every organization is unique, but it is important to ensure that your partner understands the context surrounding your organization, values a collaborative working process, and has experience addressing the types of issues faced by those in your industry. SoftServe works closely with our clients to ensure that the finished product meets and exceeds the project’s business objectives.

3. Informed Thinking

Clarity and consistency are your biggest assets when it comes to building a strong digital partnership. Ideal digital services partners will not simply tell you what to do or implement an existing strategy but, instead, they will collaborate with you and help you build flexible, scalable, and long-lasting solutions.

4. Project Deliverables

Make sure to determine what deliverables a partner intends to hand off at the end of a project and what resources they will call on to deliver them. Many consultations result in strategy documents destined to collect dust on a shelf after the engagement comes to an end. Others outsource their development projects because they lack in-house technical expertise.

Digital transformation is more likely to succeed when your staff works directly with the experts responsible for strategy and execution. (make graphic).

When choosing a technology partner, it’s important to carefully consider what group will best fit the constraints of your projects and complement the structure of your organization. Of course, digital services partners often represent long-term commitments and multiple complex projects, so it’s also important to consider future requirements while you think through your more immediate needs.

Industry leaders must determine what digital strategies will secure their standings in the marketplace and how those strategies can be executed while contending with an unprecedented rate of technology innovation. Set the stage for your organization’s digital transformation with “Building a Business Case for the Digital Enterprise.”

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