grow your career

At SoftServe, we’re dedicated to your professional development, with the people and processes in place to help you plan your career, pursue certifications and receive continuing education in your field.

personal advisor

Partner with a personal advisor to define and achieve your professional goals. Our career advisors are all well-versed in IT, and they know SoftServe inside and out. They can accurately assess your experience and capabilities, advise you on the skills you’ll need to advance in seniority or change roles, and help you understand how to put your talents to their highest and best use.

abiliton certification

Increase your professional expertise by becoming certified through AbilitonTM, our system for combining people, methodology, processes and tools to deliver exceptional technology to our clients. Abiliton-certified employees have highly developed teamwork and communication skills, theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. They’re among the most highly qualified and trained specialists in the industry, having completed a clearly defined series of assessments.

  • Presentation skills: create and teach a class or give a presentation to your colleagues
  • Performance appraisals: get objective feedback on your work and set new goals
  • Knowledge evaluations: apply your technical skills in real-world situations
  • English level tests: test your English fluency at the Language School
  • IT experience: evaluate your professional experience with in-house experts
  • External certifications: confirm your expertise through formal certification programs

peer support

Become part of a peer group of technology specialists that works collectively to help ensure that its members always have the education, training and support they need to keep growing professionally within their particular field.

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