Professional development

Once you've joined us, prepare to have your career excel. At SoftServe, we provide opportunities to grow in your role and team or switch to a direction that drives you. Developed and transparent road maps for advancement are here for you to level up smoothly. Come, learn, and take off.

SoftServe University

Aim high with our Corporate Learning Hub to fuel professional development and push your limits. SoftServe University offers a variety of customized learning solutions to let you attain professional goals, step out of your comfort zone, and live life loud. Come as learners, leave as experts.


When you do what drives you, it's about more than just a paycheck. At SoftServe, we believe in rewarding efforts fairly. We recognize your input in many powerful ways and drive a pay-for-performance culture to motivate your achievements.


Beyond compensation, we've developed a pool of benefits to drive your lifestyle and boost productivity to allow associates to advance to new levels. Needs-tailored and flexible benefits vary across locations, shaped by legal and cultural specifics. Focus on doing what resonates with you, while we ensure benefits are updated frequently to fit the needs of our associate populations.

Work & life environment

As jobs transform, so do we. Manage your lifestyle with our flexible work schedules. Mix it up and reserve more time for what you value – friends, hobbies, family, and your loved ones. As talents flow from everywhere,  freelancers often join us with more flexibility. Running Corporate Social Responsibilities initiatives and corporate events, we enable associates to reconnect with communities and enliven their daily routines.

We Are Hiring