Corporate Social Responsibility

We contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we live and work.

Experience the SoftServe Difference

‘Experience matters’ is a strong part of our company values, culture and character, and fundamental to our belief that we have a responsibility to make a difference by giving something back to our local communities and to the wider world. Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy ensures a sustainable future for our employees, our company, and the communities in which we live and work.

Our Core CSR Initiatives:

Our social and educational initiatives align with our core business values, and cover a range of initiatives from community investment to a charitable fund.

Educational Initiatives

At SoftServe, our people are our greatest asset and we believe that finding and educating talented people is a vital investment in the future of our company. Growing talent in-house helps us build our team of the brightest and most enquiring minds, and ultimately drive our clients’ success, while investing in educational initiatives benefits the future of the IT industry as a whole:

  • SoftServe’s Corporate University, founded in 2006, provides innovative IT education free of charge for talented university students, with an option for employment at SoftServe for the very best.
  • We also support and cooperate with a range of educational institutions which identify and develop strong IT talent, including Lviv Business School.

Community Investment

We collaborate with local business, technology and industry organizations, as well as software communities, to bring positive changes to the global IT environment, as well as create the most effective system of business-education collaboration in the field of IT, through co-founding and active membership of:

Charitable Initiative

As part of our commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for the communities we live and work in, SoftServe founded the ‘Open Eyes’ Charity to raise funds for hospitals, orphanages, and rehabilitation centers.

Corporate Volunteering

As active members of the communities in which they live, many of our employees donate their time, knowledge, experience, and money to help local charities, as well supporting SoftServe’s charitable projects. This includes support for orphanages, the annual “IT-Santa” promotion, talks on IT for school and college students, and charity match fundraising.

Fair Labor Practices and Human Rights

We are passionate about providing a working environment where employees are respected, rewarded and engaged, and have achieved numerous accreditations and awards, including:

Environmental Initiatives

As well as the welfare of our employees, SoftServe also cares about reducing our environmental footprint, so our ‘Go Green’ initiative is a top priority. All employees are asked to follow simple rules to help protect the environment for future generations and make the world a cleaner place. Our ‘Go Green’ initiative focuses on recycling waste, careful use of resources, and encourages eco-friendly behavior and operational eco-efficiency throughout the company.

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