Corporate Volunteering

SoftServe supports a variety of local non-profit organizations through match fundraising, exclusive initiatives, and more. We encourage our employees to dedicate time, knowledge, and/or experience to support these organizations. 

SoftServe understands the importance of making a difference when it comes to society’s most pressing needs. We actively encourage our associates to dedicate time and skills, as well as donate funds to many volunteer and charity initiatives in healthcare, education, environmental protection, and more. We proudly partner with a number of NGOs and charities to encourage and drive sustainability projects.

Our Partners

Rehabilitation Center “Dzherelo”
Caritas Ukraine
NGO “Batareiky”

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Charity Fund "Open Eyes"

In 2014, a corporate Charity Fund “Open Eyes” was established for the company’s associates to initiate charitable projects, join them as volunteers and raise funds to implement the initiatives.

In 2017, the “Open Eyes” fundraising platform went public. Today, everyone—including SoftServe’s associates—can donate to Fund’s charitable initiatives.