Financial Technology

Apply new innovative thinking to a traditional industry model.

Financial Technology

Financial Technology – commonly known as FinTech – is a digitally driven approach to buying, spending and managing finances has prompted traditional financial service providers to become more innovative in how they extend their services to consumers. SoftServe fully supports companies in this new sector by providing a broad range of engineering, design, security and other services they need to roll out new offerings in this rapidly expanding area.

Creating Technology for the Digital Generation

Consumers are increasingly becoming accustomed to conducting all the business of their lives online – including financial business. High-earning millennials in particular expect to be able to use a mobile device to handle any buying, banking or other transaction that comes up. SoftServe can help companies from large banks to small startups build the technology infrastructure for a new generation of services.


Engineering, design, security and other services to support new digitally-driven FinTech offerings


Support for mobile commerce platforms and other financial services delivered via digital channels

Among the types of initiatives SoftServe can enable are mobile commerce services that automate financial reporting and reviews for customers – showing, for example, their trends in investing, saving, spending and charitable giving. Another example is building open industry frameworks that allow multiple companies to share information securely and collaborate to provide more efficient service to customers they have in common.

Technology for the Future of Finance

People may think of banking and finance as conservative, traditional industries – but FinTech is changing that foundation by introducing some of the most innovative digital financial products and services. SoftServe has the expertise to help with everything from R&D for new user experience ideas to create standout products that drive customer loyalty to analytics for strategic decision making around product performance.


Services to enable product innovation including R&D, UI/UX, security and Big Data and Analytics 


Digital expertise to support building AI-based banking and finance products and services 

Just how innovative can banking and finance get? One of the most talked-about trends in FinTech is the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) – as in “robo-advisors” that can help with investment decisions and other services without human intervention. SoftServe has the digital engineering and design expertise and experience to help turn innovative ideas into reality.

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