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When companies such as Cisco, IBM, HP, Atlassian and CSC were challenged to bring innovative solutions to their clients – they turned to SoftServe. Since 1993, SoftServe has been a trusted product development partner to many of the most innovative and respected companies in the world. Experience how technology leadership, speed, scale, transparency and predictability can give you a critical advantage in bringing your products to market.


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SoftServe University graduates

a foundation built for success

technical product management

Discover an approach to product implementation that’s designed to produce results that align with your business strategy.

experience design and strategy

Build strong and lasting customer relationships through the ability to provide a cohesive experience across your entire offering of products and services.

agile transformation

Draw on SoftServe’s long history of working with companies to improve software delivery and build high-performing agile teams.

software development

Trust every stage of software development to SoftServe’s product and service development teams, from brainstorming to post-delivery support.

qa process setup and onboarding

Setup your qa processes from scratch or merge several existing processes to achieve the required level of quality and consistency. Create enhanced testing strategies, knowledge sharing and engineers’ onboarding plans.

product support

Ensure product stability and functionality 24 hours a day, every day of the year, providing constant visibility across a myriad of endpoints.

exceptional people, process

Exceptionally talented individuals who leverage synergies to form an elite, high-performing team, deliver the results that are needed to compete and win in today’s technology market. A successful relationship is one that not only delivers great products but accelerates progress and ensures that your products and people are leading the industry.

SoftServe starts with graduates of the top universities and then hones that great theoretical foundation into strong commercial knowledge at our own SoftServe University. After a rigorous program, SoftServe selects the top graduates of SoftServe University to participate in a guided internship where we gauge the intern’s ability to work in teams, to innovate in real-time, to communicate and to produce. We invest in training interns on SoftServe’s proven processes and assure that they are committed to success. An industry-best model of assessing talent and assuring that skills comply with a well-documented standard guarantees that our associates are equipped for today’s technology challenges. SoftServe’s investment into our people does not end there. Throughout our associates’ tenure with SoftServe, we are providing enhanced training in languages and communication, technologies, agile processes, cutting-edge testing technologies, tools and industry practices. It is no wonder that we are consistently voted the Best to Company to Work for and why our employee retention is one of the highest in the industry.

industry differentiators


elite talent

Nothing else matters if you do not start with the right people. We hire, develop and retain the most talented thinkers, designers, developers and testers on the market.


experience design

The quality of the user experience and relevance of our solutions are at the forefront of what we do. It is core to our culture rather than simply an “add-on” to the engineering practice.



SoftServe’s secure SDLC process functions with the belief that security is not something you think about after you are done, but rather is something that is designed from the beginning and tested throughout the product development lifecycle.


end-to-end solutions

Our team leads clients through the entire product lifecycle from experience design through development to deployment and support – there is no gap and therefore context is preserved. This results in an increased quality experience for your users.


transparency = predictability

MySoftServe is a real-time tool giving you transparency to your project’s progress. You can see charter success factors and SDLC metrics at anytime from your mobile or web device.


distributed agile

SoftServe has developed our proven distributed Agile practices with the person who wrote the book on Agile development – Mike Beedle. We understand the challenges and advantages of a distributed team and manage them accordingly to assure maximum productivity.

other industries

Discover other innovative industries that extend the boundaries of the digital ecosystem.