Nazar Tymoshyk

Nazar Tymoshyk

Security Consultant Lead

Nazar Tymoshyk is a Security Consultant Lead at SoftServe.

Nazar has a Ph.D. in Information Security and 15+ years' experience in Security Consulting, Enterprise IT Consulting, Application Security Assessments, Penetration Testing, Ruby, OWASP, Linux, Virtualization/Cloud, Automation, Networking, Forensics, and Reversing. He is also the leader of OWASP Chapter Lviv.

His Security Certifications include Certified Ethical Hacker (EC-Council), Zyxel Security Specialist, CIW Web Security Specialist, HP Fortify Security Technical Specialist, Cisco SMB Security Specialist, Certified Linux Professional, Certified Linux Engineer, and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

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