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The Magic of Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed reality (MR) is one of the next big waves in spatial computing and when MR reaches full potential, it will change how we all use and think about technology.


Magic Leap One creates an experience that is less immersive than Virtual Reality and it comes with challenges that are common to all AR headsets. In general, however, Magic Leap One is a good option for mainstream adoption in augmented reality (AR) and MR.

Meta 2 is great for virtual element interaction. Hand gestures are intuitive and easy to use. But if you plan to use an AR headset for longer than 30 minutes, you should choose Magic Leap One because longer use of Meta 2 may cause headaches.

Each device were great tethered solutions when released—and remain the best two MR headset options on the market—but today, using a combination of both with applications is a better approach. What that combination looks like depends on specifications.

Magic Leap and Meta 2 Comparison

Download the full version to learn more about the device characteristics, environment mapping, and use cases.