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Case Study Dec 04, 2019

SoftServe Helps Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider Implement Centralized Platform in 3000 Clinics with Google Spanner

The platform’s estimated support load includes 3,000 clinics, 200,000 patients, 100M orders (critical volume), and 57,000 users (1,000 concurrent users).

Case Study Nov 25, 2019

AI-Enabled Mapping Leveraging Natural Language Processing Decreases Onboarding Time of New Customers for SkillDirector

SoftServe developed an AI-enabled solution for automatic mapping of top learning activities per each task.

Case Study Nov 15, 2019

Shoptelligence Proves AI-module ROI Value to Clients with GCP-based Data Analytics Dashboards

Shoptelligence’s client’s needed to see the ROI from its AI modules in order to retain current clients and use their success to attract new ones.

Case Study Nov 05, 2019

Leading Realty Company Builds UX Friendly Website to Realize Competitive Differentiation

The company’s goal was to become the #1 realty company in Texas and eventually the US market.

Case Study Oct 29, 2019

AWS Supported Automated Deployment Process Brings Cost Savings and Decreased Time to Market for goTransverse

The specific project goal was scalability. Production environments required automation of management procedures and consistency.

Case Study Oct 21, 2019

AWS-Hosted Web-Based Service for Semafone Payment Processing Meets PCI DSS Requirements

Our client had an outdated call center and they made the decision to create a web service for payment processing—via the web and phone to expand their portfolio of service offerings.

Case Study Oct 03, 2019

AWS Serverless Application Model Improves Cost Efficiency for Precision Exam’s Infrastructure

The client requested SoftServe to provide a prototype of a system, built on top of AWS Cloud, using the best-practices approach in architecture and managed AWS Services.

Case Study Sep 16, 2019

AWS Performance Data Management Optimization for Global Investment Firm

SoftServe drove the successful completion of the client’s first AWS project.

Case Study Aug 27, 2019

AI-Enabled Corrosion Detection for American Bureau of Shipping

ABS’ long-term goal is to leverage advanced technologies for precise and efficient remote surveying.

Case Study Aug 19, 2019

SoftServe Augments Innovation Platform to Support Google Cloud Platform Customers

The project-specific goal was to setup a new partnership model with cloud providers in order to extend the customer market of the Innovation Platform for GCP customers.

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