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Demo | Financial Services

Augmented Reality 'Talking Money'

What if you could push the boundaries of digital technology to showcase real-life, impactful stories to inspire and educate people on how to better manage their money?

Well, augmented reality (AR) allows you to do just that.

AR is gradually staking its claim in the financial sector, and demand will only accelerate as customer expectations for better experiences increase. Soon, AR will shape the way we shop, pay, and transfer money.

SoftServe’s R&D team has been exploring the usage of an engaging and interactive AR feature that allows the user to see the Queen’s face “come alive” on the Pound Sterling note.

By using carefully crafted image editing software and blending it with a pre-recorded audio speech, SoftServe were able to create human-like moving parts of the Queen’s facial features on the currency note, including syncing lips on-the-fly with audio generated from text.

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Use Cases

Education - Banks can use this AR feature to educate users about various financial products and services, including how to identify counterfeit bank notes.

Search - Can enable bank customers to locate the nearest branch or ATM.

Personalization - Deals and offers can be uncovered and stored as bank customers use their smartphone camera to document real-life surroundings.

Virtual branches - could be incredibly beneficial in remote areas and regions that lack physical branches.


Mortgages, personal loans, debit and credit cards, logistics, smart ATMs, smart banking, banking security, authentication and security.