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Touch My Heart—Immersive Medical Experience

The SoftServe R&D team, in cooperation with Ultraleap, created a touchable hologram for use in various healthcare applications, such as medical training or telemedicine.


Transformative Technology Engages Members

How healthcare payers create a consumer-centric model with technological advances.


Health Innovation Stages

Create an environment where health innovation can thrive.


Health Innovation for the Care Industry 4.0

Drive healthcare forward with an ideate, iterate, and delivery approach.


The Real Price of The Drug Supply Chain

Pharma must respond to drug shortages with advanced technology.

Case Study

Optimization of Health Product Provider’s Mobile App Platform for Enhanced UX

The main issue that our client’s web portal faced was that it was not adapted for mobile devices and its UX did not align with the latest trends.

Case Study

Consumer Relationship Transformation and Lightning Upgrade for Pediatric Nutrition Leader

The goal was to assess whether it was possible to implement a digitized To-Be process based on a Salesforce platform for all its entities worldwide.


XR Molecular⁠—Extended Reality Molecular Explorer

Combination of Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality that provides an easier and quicker way to create, visualize, and explore the nuances of molecular structure in one solution by SoftServe R&D.


Patient Experience Begins with Pre-registration

Optimization of the pre-registration form process ensures customer-centric healthcare.


Patient-led Pre-Registration Experience for Healthcare

Six experience design principles to improve patient engagement before the first visit.

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