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Optimizing The Warehouse

Warehouse management systems (WMS) need technology advances to keep their retailers competitive.

Case Study

Native API and Mobile Applications Developed for Handheld Printers

The client’s solutions shows customers how to leverage regular tasks including item marking, currency conversion, and promotional price marking.

Case Study

New iOS Application Prepares Food Freshness Labeling Market Segment for the Future

The SoftServe team was responsible for the design and implementation of the iOS application and for the testing and documentation of the changes.

Case Study

Product for Shippers and Owner Operators Emphasizes Secure Freight Delivery

The client collaborated with SoftServe to work alongside its in-house team to create a viable product within a tight deadline.

Case Study

Legacy Revenue Dashboard Optimization

Our real estate customer’s main challenge was to predict and control revenue streams based on different fee schemas that companies had agreed with different third parties.


State of the Warehouse

Uncovering retail warehouse current weaknesses and areas for improvement.


Retail Loyalty: Omnichannel Access

How valuable is a loyalty program, if it isn’t omnichannel?


Smart Suit Solution—Virtual Workout Assistant

Experience smart(er) exercise for a healthier lifestyle.


Loyalty Programs Benefits

How loyalty programs give back to brands.


Blockchain for Customer Loyalty in Retail

Leverage the power of blockchain to secure your loyalty program—and your customers.

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