Agile Transformation

SoftServe has more than 20 years’ hands-on experience improving software delivery and building high-performing Agile teams.

Need for Efficient Software Development Lifecycle

In order to respond effectively to changes in the market and improve time to market, technology-enabled businesses focus on SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) transformation and optimization. The industry-standard approach of relying on a single unified Agile methodology and toolset, results in decreased SDLC cost (one of the major costs in the TCO) and increasing team productivity, process transparency and predictability. Our Agile Transformation service offers our clients the most productive and efficient software development lifecycle.

SoftServe Agile Transformation Service Offering

SoftServe’s Agile Transformation service helps organizations measure and optimize software development activities in three areas: People, Process and Technology. Using our proprietary SDLC Optimization framework, we bring more than 20 years’ hands-on experience in improving software delivery and building high-performing Agile teams. Our technical expertise and experience, combined with knowledge of the latest best practices, bring a new level of efficiency to our clients by establishing processes and toolsets, introducing best Agile and Lean practices, and executing iterative mentorship to ensure that our client’s teams utilize the most efficient processes.

SoftServe’s Agile Transformation Approach:


To ensure the best integration of SDLC practices and techniques our services include:

  • Software Development process assessment and improvements
  • Design and establishment of target SDLC methodology
  • Agile environment implementation and adoption
  • Agile training
  • Agile coaching and mentoring

Ready to Leverage SoftServe’s Agile Transformation Approach to Build Your Software Solution?

We understand how to decrease cost of SDLC and improve time to market as well as increase your business responsiveness and agility, through measuring and optimizing software development activities and applying proven Agile practices. Leverage our extensive expertise to transform and optimize your SDLC process.

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