Build a sustainable infrastructure that supports innovative solutions.


DevOps is a modern approach to the software development process, which is often plagued by legacy systems that don’t offer the flexibility and scalability necessary to support rapid digital innovation. It integrates development, quality assurance, and operations so software releases can occur more frequently and with greater reliability.

Building a Culture of Collaboration

As a new approach to communication and collaboration between project stakeholders, DevOps mitigates the roadblocks that crop up during the project lifecycle. Using agile thinking, automation, frameworks, and the industry’s most advanced tools, SoftServe DevOps experts increase transparency and cooperation among traditionally disparate business groups.


Next-gen DevOps expertise across containers, microservices, and serverless architectures such as AWS Lambda


Practical experience with advanced DevOps tools including Chef, Docker, Puppet, Ansible, Mesos, Terraform, OpenStack, and more 

By creating the processes and environments that support continuous delivery, SoftServe’s DevOps services make it possible to deploy incremental development changes, minimizing the risk of malfunctions and protecting the customer experience. Simply put, DevOps levels the playing field for enterprise leaders that find themselves competing against smaller, more agile industry disruptors.

Enabling Transformation with the Cloud

Cloud solutions offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and elasticity. However, though the Cloud has been available for more than a decade, many large organizations still struggle to define and deploy a Cloud strategy that works in conjunction with or replaces existing legacy infrastructure.


Management expertise in public, private, and hybrid Cloud environments


Leading DevOps experts with certifications from AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud, among others 

SoftServe DevOps experts understand the challenges and reluctance associated with enterprise Cloud deployments, so we leverage our technical expertise and practical experience to make it easier for large organizations to adopt the latest technology. With the support of SoftServe’s DevOps team, enterprises can take advantage of Cloud benefits while protecting the security and reliability of their existing IT infrastructure.

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