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Innovation Platform

Ideate. Iterate. Deliver.

SoftServe’s Innovation Platform is an end-to-end success framework for outside-in and crowd sourced ideation, market validated concept development, and commercialization.

Against a backdrop of increasingly global competition, rapidly evolving technology, fiscal, demographic, and social changes, business leaders must embrace the critical role that innovation plays in their organizations' growth. However, creating innovative ideas that the market wants, and delivering it quickly, are outcomes that are difficult to achieve and sustain.


  • Bring up a challenge and involve others to its brainstorming.

  • Let loose the ideas to cover the raised challenge.

  • Collaboratively select the best ideas to proceed with.

  • Have a look and feel of the first solution concept.

  • Get rid of any doubts towards your solution by verifying your assumptions.

  • Proactively manage required financing for each project.

  • Stay in the loop of the progress towards the achieving of the set goal.

  • Set up objectives and key results (OKRs) and automatically track progress on connected dashboards.

  • Get hold of the desired outcome fast, easy, and effortless.

No matter where you are in your journey, the Innovation Platform helps you get there. Combine structure and experience with our Innovation Platform Modules.

Ideate Module

01 Ideate Module

A framework for managing out-of-the-box ideation. Create, collect, discuss, and prioritize ideas, store and share files. Invite both internal and external partners and customers to create, discover, contribute, and problem-solve.

Iterate Module

02 Iterate Module

Systematically refine your ideas into market-validated concepts ready for implementation. Verify your concepts, assumptions, and market feasibility through an iterative process. Collect feedback, analyze results, and refine the concept from a singular point.

Deliver Module

03 Deliver Module

Accelerate the implementation and maintenance of your idea. Create a well-planned and executed implementation approach, driving outcomes and value for your business. Deliver the best customer experience with the highest quality solution in the most efficient way.

Unparalleled benefits

  • Collect, discuss, score, and prioritize ideas easily using a design thinking approach

  • Facilitate teamwork and employee engagement

  • Define and implement a new concept with minimal capex and maximum market adoption

  • Build a sustainable culture of innovation

  • Improve communication with prospects, customers and partners

  • Evaluate goals with a complete audit trail

  • Shorten time to value with higher success rates