Software Product Development

Improve your ability to innovate and reduce your time to market using SoftServe’s proactive, domain-led offerings.

Software Product Development

SoftServe has been successfully providing innovative Software Product Development Services to leading organizations from start-ups to large enterprise corporations worldwide for many years. Based on our experience in effective management of a wide span of product development processes, from ideas to highly complex solutions, SoftServe developed a proprietary EPIC Software Product Development Portfolio.

Serving as our powertrain for Software Product Development, EPIC uses a spiral lifecycle model and consists of four integral services:


  • Envision. We plan, design and co-create your product with you via product ideation, conceptualization and UX design services.
  • Probe. We run a feasibility study, proof of concept and user testing to verify and validate the initial design. We also shape the final design and implementation.
  • Innovate. We increase the value and usability of a product through constant innovation during the final design, pilot production and product extension stages.
  • Continue. We pursue product optimization and business continuity as well as increase sustainability by implementing our sophisticated product management lifecycle service and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools.

SoftServe Software Product Development Service Offering

Within our EPIC Software Product Development portfolio, SoftServe provides:

  • Ideation & Conceptualization – with the use of a spiral process to create a Proof of Concept.
  • Experience Design, a set of Usability Consulting, UX Design and UI Design services, applicable to the Healthcare, High Tech, Retail industries, and for ISV needs, spanning from mobile devices and web to PC and TV.
  • Feasibility Study aimed at technological and budget validation. Benchmarking your product idea by performing a feasibility study, proof of concept, prototype and user testing to minimize the risks early in the product development cycle.
  • ALM Consulting, a service of professional consulting, enterprise methodology and tools for governance of apps and production process. Our ALM service is evolving into a wider PLM/PDLC service offering, covering the entire product lifecycle.
  • Quality Assurance. Our unrivalled experience in quality assurance allows us to quantify the health of our client’s projects relying on comprehensive metrics and ongoing assessments, detect concerns before they have time to cause lasting harm, and build custom strategies for ongoing continuous improvement.

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