Research as a Service

Turn new ideas into reality – with less risk.

Research as a Service

Turning ideas for new products, apps or processes into reality can be risky business. Is the idea even feasible? If so, is it scalable? How long will it take and what will it cost to get it to market? SoftServe has the resources and experience in product development to answer these and other critical questions – and the ability to move promising ideas forward.

Elevating Enterprise Intelligence

SoftServe conducts feasibility studies to ensure that any promising new idea is planted in the fertile soil of clearly defined business requirements and compelling use cases. This groundwork allows the proof of concept, design and prototyping services that pave the way for great ideas to evolve into real-world applications.


Three-phase feasibility studies that lay the foundation for successful product development


SoftServe Abilition Research, a dual-phase research methodology designed to produce predictable results  

Our research process employs SoftServe Abilition Research methodology, which uses quality and probability to produce predictable, low-risk results. We generally complete at least three iterations of each research task, which gets us to a probability of about 80% that the result is credible, allowing R&D clients to proceed with confidence. 

Leveraging the Power of Analytics

R&D services from SoftServe are focused in three of the most compelling areas of technology research today: the Internet of Things (IoT), cognitive computing and virtual reality (VR). In IoT R&D, the focus is even more sharply defined as use cases for connecting devices in sensor networks (especially where it’s difficult to gather data) and in smart house and smart city applications.


R&D services oriented toward the development of new applications and products in the technology sector 


A team with years of experience and a deep understanding of R&D processes that companies of all sizes rely on  

Cognitive computing is at the heart of technologies like robotics and artificial intelligence, with the promise of machines that can learn on their own like humans do. And VR is one of the hottest areas for R&D; investors poured $1 billion into it in 2015 alone. Pursuing ideas in these areas at the edge of the unknown future may be risky – but SoftServe R&D services are here to help ensure research investments are worthwhile and stable.

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