Protect your organization from the fallout of digital criminal activity.


As people and organizations become more reliant on technology, criminals will develop increasingly sophisticated methods for accessing sensitive data, obstructing business processes, and leveraging security flaws for financial gain. With the help of SoftServe’s team of security experts, modern digital enterprises can mitigate the risks associated with online crime.  

An Investment in Peace of Mind

SoftServe’s standalone security services include incident forensics and response, security evaluation and penetration testing, and application security assessment. Led by a team of elite Certified Ethical Hackers, these services use data analysis, stress testing, and many of the same tactics employed by modern criminals to locate weaknesses in a company’s technology infrastructure.


Elite team of security experts, including industry thought leaders, PhDs, and Certified Ethical Hackers


Security accreditations and partnerships with leading organizations, including Microsoft, Amazon, Veracode, IBM, and OWASP 

After a thorough investigation, SoftServe’s security experts offer guidance for remediation and a security strategy customized for each client’s industry and needs. Whether you are safeguarding sensitive internal resources or building a safe digital environment for your customers, data security is an essential investment for protecting the assets and reputation of any enterprise organization.

Your Partner in Compliance

Many of the world’s largest companies rely on SoftServe to secure the core technology that drives their businesses, including leaders in the financial sector and healthcare industry. These partnerships have made SoftServe’s team of security experts some of the most well-equipped professionals for ensuring a product meets industry and regulatory compliance requirements. 


50+ security assessments and remediations completed each year in addition to integrated software development projects


Proven experience with regulatory and industry compliance measures, including PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA, SOX, ISO 27001, and HIPAA

In fact, because security plays such a key role in today’s digital landscape, SoftServe integrates it into all of our software development projects. We believe security and compliance should not be treated as an afterthought but an ongoing priority, so we make sure vulnerabilities are addressed prior to every deployment by assigning a dedicated security expert to each development team. 

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