Start your project with a process which ensures risks turn into rewards.

SmartStart Outsourcing Process Analysis Framework

For effective outsourcing relationships, both parties need to validate the entire scope of the work to be done and be on the same page in regards to the solution roadmap.

Based on 20 years of successful experience in outsourcing, SoftServe created a long-awaited solution for this challenge: SmartStart, an outsourcing process analysis framework.

The SmartStart framework ensures that the project scope, product scope system architecture, development process and outsourcing governance are comprehensively analyzed and validated during the Discovery phase of the project. As a result, all the necessary adjustments can be made even before the actual development starts, meaning that the project is completed in the minimum amount of time, with the minimum number of resources.

SoftServe SmartStart Service Offering

Depending on the project complexity, SoftServe assembles the appropriate team of consultants that complete the following:

  • Current state analysis
  • Define a business and technical solution alongside with the proposed collaboration model
  • Identify any issues that may impede the establishment of efficient and successful outsourcing relationship
  • Create a Mitigation Plan to overcome any identified issues (with the assigned people and due dates indicated).
SoftServe`s SmartStart™ service is a highly efficient investment in terms of proper project preparation.

An integral part of the SmartStart team is the dedicated Engagement Manager who is an IT consultant with vast experience in starting outsourcing projects.

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