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With more customer and market data available than ever before, you should be swimming in data for decision making – not drowning in it. Let technology be your lifeline, with tools and expertise that can turn all that data into valuable applied insights.



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next-gen business intelligence

Go beyond traditional reports and data warehousing with next-generation business intelligence that provides personalized and predictive dashboards, self-service and data discovery for massive data in real-time, accessible from anywhere.

data analysis

Leverage historical data to gain powerful insights into the business, markets, customers and services. Data exploration, a customer 360º view, casual and inferential analysis to support business critical decisions or find unique ways to monetize data.

machine learning

Tackle high-dimensional problems that cannot be explicitly solved using traditional tools and approaches. Optimize costs through robotics process automation and enabling new business models by automating tasks that once required a human element, such as computer vision, natural language processing and speech recognition.

cognitive computing

Make a step towards natural human–computer interaction by developing systems that are able to learn, reason and act as humans by leveraging multi-discipline expertise in IoT, cognitive design and Artificial Intelligence.

market leaders

What makes a market leader in big data and analytics? It’s all about the ability to consistently turn raw data into action. We do it with a team of experts using the latest data analytics techniques from a multitude of disciplines.

Industry experts working with the most powerful data tools available, SoftServe’s big data and analytics team uses the latest techniques in artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical analysis and predictive analytics to derive meaning from big data.

The team has designed dozens of data projects for Fortune 100 companies. Their big data concepts have been adopted by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute. Their contributions to open innovation include creating SoftServe’s Lambda Architecture Accelerator, a pre-built stack that accelerates time to market.

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validated performance

SoftServe offers highly regarded resources around the globe, including the best big data and data science team in Eastern Europe as validated by Cloudera. 


certified expertise

Our team includes dozens of big data architects, data scientists, and engineers certified in Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra and Kafka. 


industry partners

We are a big data partner to a variety of companies, including Cloudera, Hortonworks, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Tableau and Microstrategy. 


professional services

Our big data and analytics experts execute on-site professional services in collaboration with top-level Cloudera architects.  


world-class customers

We have completed more than 100 projects for large global consulting firms as well as in direct service to some of the world’s largest enterprise organizations and most well-regarded ISVs.


industry influencers

SoftServe’s big data and analytics experts are active open source contributors whose research has been published by the Software Engineering Institute.

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