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Hand off your next software challenge to the team with a track record of results.

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Software engineering is at the heart of what we do at SoftServe. With solid project experience, world-class skills and proven competencies, our core engineers consistently deliver innovative products and solutions that achieve results for clients.


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our core engineering services

software development

Trust every stage of software development to SoftServe’s product and service development teams, from brainstorming to post-delivery support. 

delivery pipeline

Stay on top of project quality and overall progress through a stage-based delivery pipeline that verifies and validates functionality at every turn.

configuration management

Expect fewer contingencies and higher development cycle stability in an environment where cross-functional teams control configuration. 

unified deployment vision

Ensure a cohesive solution that results from project managers and business analysts sharing a vision for the deployment of software for clients.

comprehensive security

Benefit from a comprehensive approach to software security that covers devices, networking, data and applications, digital operations and processes.

framework for success

SoftServe’s core engineering team has achieved success for more than 200 active clients. That success is largely built on our unique Abiliton framework for software engineering and development.

SoftServe’s Abiliton concept is the result of a long history of software development success. It’s an approach that brings about improvement in the development process through the efforts of a highly qualified team using agile methodology and advanced technologies.

Abiliton includes a stringent system of certification that requires extensive knowledge, practical skills, work experience and external certification.

Together with solid experience, including best practices gleaned from hundreds of projects, the Abiliton framework has made our core business – software engineering – our competitive advantage.

core commitment


continuous improvement

SoftServe’s core engineering process enables continuous improvement across all operations to ensure superior final quality.


teamwork and technology

The Abiliton framework behind our core engineering process combines efficient teamwork with agile software development methodology.


range of skills

Our core engineers have a broad array of skills and competencies to drive outstanding performance across different technology domains.


risk control

The entire software development lifecycle is based on an individually customized approach that’s designed to minimize project risk.


industry experience

SoftServe core engineering serves more than 200 active clients in a variety of areas including healthcare, BFSI, electronics and retail.



The SoftServe core engineering process generates cost benefits for clients by applying innovation to enable internal process improvement.

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