experience design

Shape memorable experiences to establish lifelong customers.

experience matters

No tool or technology can be effective without careful consideration and a deep understanding of who will use it and how. Guided by a strong belief in the fundamentals of the user experience, SoftServe considers the relationship between the business and their customers in every interaction.  


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our experience design services

experience strategy

Build strong and lasting customer relationships through the ability to provide a cohesive experience across your entire offering of products and services. 

service design

Deliver end-to-end experiences that are designed to delight and serve your customers – while being sustainable and competitive for your business. 

digital product design

Meet the need for a digital interface or for human-computer interaction in products designed for the digital area.

design thinking workshops

Get a hands-on lesson in the user-centered SoftServe design processes and tools that allow companies to consistently deliver leading products. 

computational design

Incorporate smarter user interfaces that are driven by SoftServe’s deep understanding of algorithms, machine learning and connected processes. 

design systems

Create consistent experiences across different devices and web environments, based on SoftServe’s well-documented design systems.

a human-centered approach

SoftServe makes user empathy an integral component of the entire development process, going far beyond colors, layouts and buttons.

Our process starts with engaging in deep user research, which allows us to map user personas, engage in stakeholder interviews, journey mapping and more. Once this critical component is captured, our team of expertise performs experiments with prototypes created from information architecture, content strategy, wireframes and beyond to fail faster and cheaper and arrive at insights sooner.

We believe that design never ends. But we pursue perfection with our sights set on evolving our solution with KPIs and evaluation tools like A/B testing, usability testing, and feedback loops. This cyclical method enables us to create experiences that please users and strengthens relationships with them.

experience first


design thinking

SoftServe’s unique Design Thinking process reflects an empathetic, human-centered approach to experience design. 


lean design-driven

We employ Lean Design practices in Agile environments to efficiently meet clients’ changing needs. 


business alignment

By aligning Design Thinking with business goals, we’re able to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of both businesses and users. 


certified experts

Our team includes Certified Usability Exerts working in locations around the globe.   


world-class customers

SoftServe has delivered over 100 experience design projects to companies across the spectrum from startups to Fortune 100 enterprises.


industry influencers

The experience design team at SoftServe includes professional design educators and visionaries who have published articles on design and design trends. 

other solutions

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