internet of things

Create the next wave of digital innovation in connectivity.

future ready

From home automation to healthcare devices, the Internet of Things is creating connections between machines, cloud and human, revolutionizing the way the world works. Those that invest in it today will become the digital leaders of tomorrow.


iot innovations for the Fortune 1000


end-to-end iot expertise


r&d research in bleeding edge iot technologies

our internet of things services

product and service design

Got an idea for an IoT offering? Make it a reality with help at every stage from prototyping to development to post-delivery support.

legacy transformation

Discover the IoT value of existing automation systems, including SCADA, building management, manufacturing automation and M2M.

device connectivity

Go to the heart of IoT by equipping assets with sensors that collect data and then integrate the data for unprecedented operational awareness.

augmented intelligence

Let us create IoT applications and services for you that augment intelligence and behavior to meet real-world needs. 

human-machine interaction

Reimagine the user experience for the IoT era, with SoftServe designing innovative new interfaces for new smart devices. 


Take a holistic approach to IoT security: SoftServe’s security expertise cover devices, networks, data and applications, as well as operations and processes.

let’s get real

The Internet of Things is a place of infinite possibilities. But until more IoT ideas become reality, those possibilities remain just that: possibilities. We’re on a mission to achieve much more.

At SoftServe, we’re as excited as anyone about the smart thermostats, wearables and other IoT applications that are generating so much buzz today. But we also know these barely scratch the surface of what’s possible with IoT. That’s why we’re dedicating significant resources to IoT projects.

We’re exploring beyond technologies like identification and miniaturization, which are critical to bringing more IoT application ideas to life. And as our progress continues, we’re seeing IoT unlock more and more business benefits for clients, including new sources of revenue and lower operational costs.

iot expertise


end-to-end experience

SoftServe’s IoT experience encompasses embedded systems, device management, networking and communication, event stream processing and data analytics.


multidisciplinary expertise

Our in-house team are experts in a broad range of disciplines, including embedded systems, big data, UI/UX design, solution architecture and DevOps technologies.


digital leadership

SoftServe works at the cutting edge of IoT R&D in link-layer security for wireless sensor networks, multi-agent systems and energy harvesting.


driving efficiencies

The IoT solutions SoftServe creates use real-time sensor data to improve process efficiencies, reduce human intervention and cut energy costs. 


sustained value

We help companies achieve sustained value from disruptive IoT innovation by using it to lower costs, improve asset utilization and control risk. 


world-class customers

SoftServe has successfully developed IoT solutions for world-class companies in industrial HVAC and appliances, energy, retail and consumer electronics.

other solutions

Discover other innovative studios that extend the boundaries of the digital ecosystem.