quality engineering

Deliver the caliber of experience that commands customer loyalty.

the pursuit of perfection

Today’s digital consumers have high expectations for the quality of their technology experiences. To win and keep their loyalty, companies today have to meet and deliver outstanding customer experiences at every touchpoint without fail.



proprietary test automation framework


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100’s of projects implemented across multiple verticals



metric-based approach that prioritizes quantifiable improvements

our quality engineering services

qa process assessment

See your test strategy defined up front – including possible obstacles to development – and get sound advice on team structure and ramp-up process.

test automation framework

Rely on the concepts and tools in SoftServe’s proprietary Test Automation Framework (TAF) to automate software testing and speed your time to market. 

test automation process assessment and enhancement

Gain insight into existing test automation solutions, receive recommendations on improvements and implement improvements based on the overall evaluation.

qa process setup and onboarding

Setup your qa processes from scratch or merge several existing processes to achieve the required level of quality and consistency. Create enhanced testing strategies, knowledge sharing and engineers’ onboarding plans.

performance testing consulting

Receive assistance during performance, load, stress testing process setup and results analysis.

predictability and improvement tracking

Enjoy quality results with systematic tracking that includes comprehensive metrics collection, continuous assessment and ongoing improvement.

standard of excellence

In today’s competitive markets, even a small misstep can lose a valuable customer for life. Don’t let it happen: Look to SoftServe’s quality engineering process to help ensure that you deliver a best-in-class user experience.

At SoftServe, quality engineering aims to eliminate the delays and errors that can threaten product quality. We start with a thorough assessment to identify issues; define a reliable, predictable and efficient process for testing; and apply best practices to keep the focus on quality throughout development.

We operate within a proprietary framework for quality engineering that’s built on years of experience developing complex software and successful solutions, and we use a metrics-based approach to quantify improvements.

made to measure


agile practices

Industry-verified agile practices govern SoftServe’s approach to quality engineering, enabling fast and flexible course corrections when needed.


vertical experience

Using industry-leading tools and best practices, SoftServe has completed a wide range of quality engineering projects across multiple verticals. 


technology registry

An extensive tools and instruments registry provides SoftServe with a wide array of technology resources for the pursuit of quality.


metrics for improvement

A structured KPI system allows SoftServe to accurately track software improvements. 


demonstrable results

Metrics-based quality engineering allows SoftServe to make data-driven decisions in the quest for improvement. 


proven framework

SoftServe’s test automation framework has been the basis of hundreds of successful solutions for the demanding ISV market.  

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