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Turning ideas for new products, apps or IoT innovations into reality can be risky business. Is the idea even feasible? If so, is it scalable? How long will it take and what will it cost to get it to market? SoftServe Labs is the premier starting point for innovation.



a dual-phase research methodology designed to produce predictable results


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feasibility study

To lay the strongest possible foundation for product development, SoftServe Labs takes a methodical three-phase approach to feasibility studies.

technology research

We conduct extensive research for innovative companies that want to introduce new technology solutions to meet business or consumer needs. 

sensor networks

Mesh networking is at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT), and SoftServe Labs is at the center of research in emerging areas like fog computing.

cognitive computing

SoftServe Labs is using multiple technologies – data mining, pattern recognition, machine learning – to help create systems that simulate human thinking. 

virtual reality (VR)

As the virtual reality market keeps growing, we’re excited about working on products and applications that open up new worlds of sight and sound. 

edge of innovation

If you’re looking for support for developing ideas in today’s most compelling areas of technology research, you’re in the right place. SoftServe Labs is deep into three of them: the Internet of Things, cognitive computing and virtual reality.

SoftServe Labs digs deep into the challenge of device connectivity to help companies who want to explore IoT possibilities. We’re working on use cases including data-gathering sensor networks, assembly pipelines in manufacturing, and smart house / smart city systems.

In cognitive computing, we’re looking at how computing systems can take on more work that used to be exclusively the domain of humans. We’re also ready to work with companies to tackle virtual reality – and not just VR headsets, either. We see many exciting possibilities in apps and games, content and even consumer 3D cameras.

trusted advisors


widely respected

Technology companies of all sizes trust SoftServe Labs to assess the feasibility of new product offerings before investing in full-scale development. 


technology research experience

The SoftServe Labs team brings to the table many years of experience in researching and testing new technology ideas. 


unique research methodology

SoftServe Abilition research methodology, based on the hourglass scientific method, uses quality and probability to make results predictable. 


experience design

A satisfying user experience is vital to any product’s success. SoftServe’s dedicated Experience Design practice reflects our understanding of this.


iot expertise

IoT is one of the most promising areas for technology product development. SoftServe’s dedicated IoT practice is a leading resource for IoT projects. 


comprehensive capabilities

SoftServe Labs’ comprehensive approach to assessing the feasibility of an idea includes everything from initial market research to proof of concept. 

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