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collaborative solutions

At SoftServe, we believe the best ideas come to surface in collaborative environments. Our crowdsourcing-inspired Ideation Management Platform helps us to make sure that we leave no stone unturned as users of all roles brainstorm solutions together while a hands-on Iteration Platform allows organizations to fail forward faster towards a solution to find the viable end product.


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unified, global team

our ideation platform management services

consistent teams

A reliable SoftServe team partners with you from start to finish, minimizing knowledge gaps and ensuring a full understanding of your business’ wants and needs.

cloud-based collaboration

As your team brainstorms solutions to your user experience, rely on cloud-based tools that drives ideation across all users prior to the experience design phase.

prioritizing solutions

As ideas are suggested, a list is built of the best ideas to test in the iteration stage in priority order.

maximizing cost-effectiveness

Through collaborating together in the ideation phase, we maximize project time, resources, and cost efficiencies.

driving a culture of inclusivity

With a model that encourages the voicing of any and all opinions across the board, our team enables your business to ensure impeccable delivery.

real people, real solutions

SoftServe experts are continuously on the cutting edge of technology and driven to find the best application for your business need.

innovating together

Our technology studios combine to create on the most innovative solutions to serve today’s digital business requirements. With our unified, global team of over 4,500 business and technical experts, we have created industry-disrupting solutions for some of the largest organizations in the world.

From those that specialize in UX design to those that specialize in analytics and data, we carefully crafted a process to ensure that every stakeholder is included in the ideation process. Relying on crowdsourcing tactics, every person has the opportunity to voice possible solutions for critical digital issues. From this list, we cherry-pick the best ideas to put through the iteration phase quickly and efficiently.

By relying on this philosophy of inclusion, we are able to reach the best ideas quickly, offering a valuable return on investment and maximum cost efficiency. This process also allows us to forge bonds across borders, reenforcing an atmosphere of global unity and collaboration both internally and with our clients.

innovation through collaboration


building bridges

Our global associates come together to crowdsource the best solutions for your digital issues. 


team consistency

We make sure that the same team is present from the ideation phase all the way through delivery, minimizing knowledge gaps and ensuring consistency.


constant innovation

By including all important stakeholders, we never run out of new and innovative ideas and respective next steps for ideation.


ideation efficiency

Inclusiveness ensures speed to market by reaching unique solutions through crowdsourcing.


return on investment

Consolidating many perspectives quickly and efficiently, we are able to exceed timelines, minimize budget spend and meet expectations.


providing structure

Prioritizing different ideas gives structure to the ideation process without coming to multipoint solutions.

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