Будь ласка, встановіть портретну (вертикальну) орієнтацію на пристрої


Тут ви знайдете все, що вам треба дізнатися про найновітніші технології, тенденції в розробці та новинки ІТ-галузі.

by Matt Kollmorgen Сер 13, 2019

Data & Analytics Media & Entertainment

Deep and Machine Learning

Two subsets of artificial intelligence in media and entertainment.

by Chip Plesnarski Чер 18, 2019

Media & Entertainment

Get with the Programmatic

AWS powers some of the most respected brands in programmatic advertising.

by Chip Plesnarski Чер 12, 2019

IoT, VR, AR, XR, AI & ML Media & Entertainment

Be Ready for IoT in Media

IoT holds great potential for prepared media and entertainment companies.

by Matt Kollmorgen Тра 06, 2019

Media & Entertainment

Accelerate to Become CX-Driven

Three focal areas to be customer experience-centric in media.

by Chip Plesnarski Кві 09, 2019

Media & Entertainment

Get with the Programmatic

Why it’s time for television to follow digital’s lead on advertising.

by Matt Kollmorgen Бер 06, 2019

Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment Rendering: Contain Yourself

The top three benefits of containerization for media and entertainment rendering.

by Matt Kollmorgen Січ 30, 2019

Media & Entertainment

The Blueprint for Recommendation System Success

How a hybrid recommendation engine creates competitive differentiation.

by Borys Omelayenko, CIPP/E Січ 24, 2019

Data & Analytics Media & Entertainment

First Fines Under GDPR

By the end of 2018, regulators had enough time to investigate and issue the first set of GDPR fines. Here are some examples.

by Matt Kollmorgen Січ 23, 2019

Media & Entertainment

All Hail, Hybrid

Why a hybrid model should be used for recommendation engines.

by Matt Kollmorgen Жов 02, 2018

Media & Entertainment

Person(ality) Driven Recommendations for Media

How media can speak the right language for the five personality types.

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