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березня 27, 2019

SoftServe Charity Fund Opens ‘Positive Room’ for Children at Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital in Ukraine

SoftServe Charity Fund Opens ‘Positive Room’ for Children at Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital in Ukraine

Company’s Charity Fund “Open Eyes” creates second in Ukraine comfortable space to support children’s’ hospital recoveries through communication and positive experiences.

AUSTIN, Texas—March 26, 2019— SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company, announces its Charity Fund “Open Eyes” opened its second ‘Positive Room’ for children at the Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital in Ukraine. The first opened at the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Phthisiopneumology Center (RPPC) in December, 2018.

Each year more than 1,000 children receive medical treatment at the Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital’s ophthalmology department. During treatments—which can last 20 days to several months—most children remain active and need a comfortable place to spend their free time during hospital stays. However, many hospitals in the region do not have the budget to create these spaces.

“Most hospitals in Ukraine don’t have suitable rooms for children to learn school lessons or communicate with each other, which are both very important for a child’s development,” said Ulyana Budenkevych, director of SoftServe’s Charity Fund “Open Eyes”. “Building on the success of our first ‘Positive Room’ in Poland, our goal is to create additional comfortable and bright spaces for children to have fun, read, study, and be creative in Ukraine as well. These experiences elicit positive emotions, which help them recover more quickly.”

The ‘Positive Room’ at Rivne has four areas for children to play, relax, learn, and read. The design allows children of different ages to spend time together as a multifunctional play space that can transform from a simple playground and kitchen into a two-level theater.

The ‘Positive Rooms’ at RPPC and the Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital are the first two of four planned projects in the Ukraine. The goal is to create similar spaces in Kharkiv and Dnipro. The project is financed by donations from SoftServe, its associates, and other donors to the charity fund.

Charity Fund “Open Eyes” opened its first ‘Positive Room’ in October 2017, with the cooperation of the Association ‘Pozytywne.com’ and other partners at the child clinic of endocrinology and diabetes in Wroclaw, Poland. The idea for the ‘Positive Room’ was originally submitted to the Charity Fund “Open Eyes” by associates of SoftServe’s development center in Wroclaw.

About SoftServe’s Charity Fund “Open Eyes”

SoftServe’s Charity Fund “Open Eyes”, founded in 2014, began as an internal SoftServe initiative. In 2016, the Fund became an official entity and engaged donors outside of the company. Charity Fund implements its charitable projects—initiated by SoftServe employees—in seven central cities of the Ukraine region, five cities of Poland and in the capital of Bulgaria where the company has development centers. The projects impact healthcare, education, infrastructure, environment, and other areas that contribute to a city’s development and to personal well-being. For more details visit: www.openeyes.org.ua.

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