SoftServe Partners with Mawi to Develop Cutting-Edge Biosignal Analysis Applications


Applications predict diseases and mental states using artificial intelligence for real-time recognition and prediction.

AUSTIN, Texas—Dec. 27, 2018SoftServe, a leading digital authority and consulting company, announces its partnership with Mawi, the next-generation consumer and clinical wearable company, and the developer of one of the most accurate clinical-grade electro cardiogram (ECG) wearable devices. As a partner, SoftServe will use Mawi’s software development kit (SDK) and ECG band to access raw sensor data and develop cutting-edge biosignal analysis applications.

Current development projects focus on novel human-computer interaction interfaces that involve the body. SoftServe’s Touch My Heart project integrates the Mawi ECG band to measure the heart rate with interactive augmented reality that provides a live, direct view, and haptic touch of the human heart.

“We believe in the 3P’s of medicine—predictive, preventive, and personalized—and it motivates us every day to gain deeper cardio and AI expertise and create smarter technical solutions,” said Ron Fridman, founder and CEO of Mawi. “SoftServe’s in-depth experience with AI for recognition and prediction of the human body state in real-time makes them an ideal partner for Mawi. Together we are making progress developing applications that will promote a long and healthy life.”

Additional applications for this SDK include tracking how a particular medication affects a patient. While these types of research devices exist today, they are bulky, inconvenient, and typically offer limited access to real-time data. SoftServe‘s R&D team is developing applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time recognition and prediction of the human body’s state.

“We are excited to collaborate with the Mawi team to build a strong program in the biotech domain,” said Mykola Maksymenko, principal scientist at SoftServe. “Through our work together the opportunities are endless. We can build applications to predict various diseases in real-time, ranging from cardio disorders to epilepsy, or other neurological diseases. Additionally, applications can be built as a feedback loop for a range of wellness data input sources including heart rate and blood pressure tracking, emotion recognition, exercise, and even coffee consumption.”

About Mawi

Mawi Solutions is a MedTech startup that develops wearable electronics and cloud solutions that use artificial intelligence. Mawi’s mission is to improve the quality of billions of people's lives by combining the power of AI and wearables. We create wearable devices and AI-powered solutions for consumers, healthcare professionals and corporations. Our product is Mawi ECG wristband – portable wrist cardiograph.