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грудня 06, 2018

SoftServe Among the Winners of 2018 Face of the City

SoftServe Among the Winners of 2018 Face of the City

On December 4, Lviv City Council summed up the results of Face of the City 2018, the Lviv entrepreneurship promotion contest. SoftServe was acknowledged again, having won the nomination ‘Social Responsible Business’.

“We are pleased that honored Lviv community recognized endless initiatives run by SoftServe Company and its associates”, comments Ulyana Budenkevych, the Director of SoftServe's Charity Fund "Open Eyes". "This year, SoftServe, the biggest global company of Ukrainian origin, celebrated its 25th anniversary. All this time, social responsibility, charity, and local community development have been on our agenda. We are happy to see that each year more Ukrainian companies become socially responsible and create added value for the society alongside their main business activities. It’s a feature of the conscious and promising business, which has a great value and is a key to the country’s development.”

“The contest ‘Face of the City’ became a good tradition in Lviv. The next year we’ll celebrate its 20th anniversary”, says Dmytro Aftanas, the President of Lviv Chamber of Commerce. “And this event is quite unique, as our mission is not to hold a competition among the best companies. To the opposite, when the companies submit their applications, we evaluate the achievements of each of them, requesting more data about their activities from their partners, state agencies, experts and the general public. That’s why every year we reward more than 10 finalists.”

This year finalists’ list also includes the Vodafone, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, PZU Ukraine, The First Private Brewery, Lvivska Khvylya Radio FM, Shuvar Market, and others. The contest has been traditionally run by Lviv City Council and Lviv Chamber of Commerce . The independent committee assessed the company's achievements taking into account the views provided by NGOs, enterprises, scholar community, governmental agencies, and others. Lviv citizens could also support the companies and brands via the website of Lviv Chamber of Commerce.

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