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Тут ви знайдете інформацію про найновітніші технології, тенденції в розробці та новинки ІТ-галузі.

Infographics Лис 05, 2019

CPQ Benefits for Media

Shorten media sales cycles, improve productivity, and reduce errors with CPQ.

Infographics Жов 29, 2019

CPQ for Smarter Media Sales

How CPQ drives intelligent media selling.

Infographics Жов 22, 2019

Three Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Software Development

Improve software with AI.

Infographics Жов 21, 2019

Lower Healthcare Costs, Increase Payer Profitability

Transformative technology allows payers to remain competitive.

Infographics Жов 10, 2019

Transformative Technology Engages Members

How healthcare payers create a consumer-centric model with technological advances.

Infographics Жов 09, 2019

Why Design Thinking Works for Retail

Design thinking empowers employees to become more effective, motivated, and focused on quality, while paving the way for a human-centric company culture.

Infographics Жов 03, 2019

Migrating Banks to the Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Accelerate time to value and minimize business impact.

Infographics Жов 02, 2019

Increase Retail Brand Value with Design Thinking

Explore how retailers can apply design thinking principles to increase collaboration across teams.

Infographics Вер 26, 2019

Hybrid Cloud Migration for Banks

As cloud use grows, banks focus on cost-efficiency and agility.

Infographics Вер 17, 2019

DXPs Grow SaaS Brands

Digital experience platforms (DXPs) are essential to software companies for improved personalization and customer experience (CX), at scale.

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