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Тут ви знайдете інформацію про найновітніші технології, тенденції в розробці та новинки ІТ-галузі.

Infographics Лис 05, 2019

CPQ Benefits for Media

Shorten media sales cycles, improve productivity, and reduce errors with CPQ.

Infographics Жов 29, 2019

CPQ for Smarter Media Sales

How CPQ drives intelligent media selling.

Case Study Жов 03, 2019

AWS Serverless Application Model Improves Cost Efficiency for Precision Exam’s Infrastructure

The client requested SoftServe to provide a prototype of a system, built on top of AWS Cloud, using the best-practices approach in architecture and managed AWS Services.

Infographics Сер 28, 2019

AI and ML Benefits in Media

Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL) disrupt Media & Entertainment.

Infographics Сер 19, 2019

AI and ML in Media

How artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming M&E.

Case Study Сер 06, 2019

Blis Optimizes Cost Effectiveness and Cloud Experience through GCP Migration

To increase costs effectiveness and improve levels of support, our client needed to migrate their services and data to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Infographics Лип 04, 2019

Why GCP for Recommendations?​

Our recommendation engine 2.0 is powered by Google for a good reason​.

Infographics Чер 24, 2019

Focus on Innovation, Not Infrastructure

AWS provides many options to deliver live and on-demand media programming.

Infographics Чер 19, 2019

The IoT Data Opportunity

Are you prepared for the IoT data explosion in media and entertainment industry?

Infographics Чер 05, 2019

Connected Media Audiences

Media and entertainment companies must be IoT-ready to meet connected audience members—wherever they are.

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