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Корисні ресурси

Тут ви знайдете інформацію про найновітніші технології, тенденції в розробці та новинки ІТ-галузі.

Whitepaper Гру 10, 2019

Phygital Experience Strategy

Phygital is depictive of how physical and online retail channels are merging, blurring, and influencing each other in innovative ways.

Infographics Лис 13, 2019

Big Data. Big Deal.

The need for big data warehousing, management, and monetization is only getting bigger.

Whitepaper Лип 16, 2019

Crowdsourcing: A Path to Talent Optimization

Leverage outside talent and ideas to improve and expedite business ramp up.

Whitepaper Лип 07, 2019

Augmented Reality for Retail

How the adoption rate and widening application of augmented reality (AR) allows retailers to offer new dimensionality to the product and shopping experience.

Whitepaper Лип 04, 2019

IIoT in Manufacturing—Technology Evolved

What best practices can your business implement for successful projects with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

Whitepaper Чер 03, 2019

High Performance IT Business–Lessons from French Grande Armée

A best practice guide for IT managers on dealing with a range of issues, from traditional IT management frameworks to agile software development.

Whitepaper Тра 21, 2019

Solving European Broadcasters' Pain Points

... via innovative technology partnerships.

Whitepaper Тра 20, 2019

Empathy in Software Design

How an empathetic, human-centered approach can improve experience design projects.

Whitepaper Тра 13, 2019

Patient-led Pre-Registration Experience for Healthcare

Six experience design principles to improve patient engagement before the first visit.

Whitepaper Тра 06, 2019

DevOps: Strategies from a Fighter Pilot

DevOps adoption is accelerating, and leading organizations are already reaping it rewards. There is no better time to leverage DevOps, and no time to waste.

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