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by Alexander Amelin Okt 17, 2018

Don’t Fear the Cloud—Embrace It

Improve security and compliance with AWS and SoftServe.

by Jeremy Parsons Okt 10, 2018

Breaking Out of the Old Brick-and-Mortar Retailing

How will your retail business rethink the way it does brick-and-mortar?

by Alexander Amelin Okt 03, 2018

Breaking Barriers in Healthcare

How AWS and SoftServe empower healthcare providers today and for the future.

by Vladyslav Tsybul’nyk, PhD Okt 03, 2018

Is FPGA the “Next Big Thing” in AI Hardware?

How do field programmable graphics arrays (FPGA) fare within bleeding edge technology application such as deep learning?

by Matt Kollmorgen Okt 02, 2018

Person(ality) Driven Recommendations for Media

How media can speak the right language for the five personality types.

by Andriy Bench Sep 28, 2018

Will Machines See with Movidius?

Does Movidius Neural Compute Stick have what it takes to truly bring the power of visual machine learning to any device?

by SoftServe Team Sep 27, 2018

IoT: The Key to Healthcare Connectivity

IoT is the key for the unified healthcare system of the future.

by Borys Omelayenko, CIPP/E Sep 21, 2018

Privacy and Machine Learning: A Happy Marriage

For decades, privacy and machine learning lived fairly separate lives. But with GDPR in place, they demand more unity.

by Matt Kollmorgen Sep 17, 2018

How (and why you need) to Identify Personality Traits for Marketing

Elevate personalization beyond demographics, purchase history, and interests.

by Pavlo Mikhaelian Sep 13, 2018

Financial Services Security: Technology vs. Behavior

Financial services is catching up to customer expectations, but speed can disregard important aspects of security

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