DemoMay 26, 2020
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What if you could push the boundaries of digital technology to showcase real-life, impactful stories to inspire and educate people?

InfographicsMay 26, 2020

Drive Revenue with Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ eliminates manual processes while delivering more accurate and customized quotes.

Case StudyMay 25, 2020

PCI-DSS Transformation Consulting and Certification Solution

SoftServe was tasked with the project to deliver a comprehensive PCI-DSS Transformation and Certification Solution.

DemoMay 24, 2020
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AR: Indoor Navigation

What if you could use augmented reality (AR) to easily navigate indoors?

DemoMay 22, 2020

Image Enhancement

What if you could use deep learning to enhance unclear, blurry images and videos?

DemoMay 20, 2020


Real-time environmental changes monitoring.

WhitepaperMay 20, 2020

Point Cloud for Deep Learning

Learn more about different neural network architectures for point clouds.

DemoMay 19, 2020

COVID-19 Triage Chatbot

Relieve Overwhelmed Health Systems and Staff

DemoMay 19, 2020
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Anomaly Detection

What if you could uncover trends and irregularities in your campaigns, programs, and teams—quickly and effortlessly?

Case StudyMay 18, 2020

Education Management Leader Leverages Salesforce Platform to Streamline Quote and Contract Configuration Process

Our educational marketplace client provides professional development services, including assessment and analytics for data-driven instruction and next-generation digital curriculum.